Candance For a Cure



Candance for a cure







Candance for a cure





Since 2011 students of the Innis Performing Arts Academy have been performing in Candance for a Cure at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.



“I Enjoy Being a Girl”

choreographed by Lisa Innis

170 students



choreographed by Lisa Innis

150 students


“Dancing Poodles”

choreographed by Lisa Innis

12 students



choreographed by Lisa Innis & Simone Segat         

136 students

2014 To be advised    


Each year our students have thoroughly enjoyed the whole “Candance experience”. Not only have they loved performing at the prestigious Adelaide Entertainment Centre but also have been grateful to have the opportunity to get behind such a worthwhile cause.

A number of our students are also involved with the Opening and Finale ensemble, which has been an amazing opportunity for them to become friends with dancers from other schools all over SA.


Candance for a Cure 2014 is on Saturday , 25th May.








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