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2012 Annual Performance | Candance for a Cure



2012 Annual Performance Feedback


"Was fantastic - teagan is still buzzing two days later and Mitch Is begging to do it again - looking forward to being a part of it again next year - even from tanunda!!"

Joanne Manning


"Miss Lisa, you have done an absolutely amazing job again this year! I'm so proud to dance for Innis and I can't wait for next year! Great job and effort last night, thank you so much! Love you xx"
Ainslee Raven


"My exhausted dancer has finally crawled out of bed.... Just in time for lunch!!! Thanks Lisa Innis for another wonderful year and concert. As usual you have done an amazing job. Madison loves it so much and is always so happy when she's dancing."
Karen Osborn


"What amazing two night of the innis dance concert. Loved every bit of it. Lisa Innis another great year don't know how u do it but it was great the girls loved it."
Stella Pederson


"Eliana: Mum I'm ready for the concert tonight.
Me: Sweetheart the concerts are finished now.
Eliana: When do I get my trophy?
Me: In about 4 years.
Eliana: Ok.
Thank you for another wonderful concert and especially for your dedication and perseverance with the girls, they adore you. I was so lucky to be group mum to such a wonderful group of girls this year."
Belinda Del Tedesco


"Another awesome Innis Dancing Academy concert last night..... What a wonderful few days..... Got to spend time with my much loved, very busy friend, Katrina Ryan as we got our girls ready!!! Lisa Innis you never fail to amaze me with your dedication to the girls and the dance academy.... Especially in remembering all their names!!! Thankyou for all that you have done over the last year and enjoy your much deserved rest!! Love Michelle and Morgan xx"

Michelle and Morgan


"Another amazing year finished with another amazing concert!! Dancing, music, costumes and all the girls smiles were fabulous to watch! How lovely to see the beautiful under 10A's do their solo's and Charlotte receive the award! Thank you Lisa for all the work you put into our girls and bringing out the dancer in them!"
Assunta Marshall


"Great work Innis Performing Arts Acadamy! We did awesome! I would also like to thank all of the teachers and Lisa Innis for giving me the 'Most Improved' award! Congradulations to everyone and will see you soon.."
Nikita Pippett


"Dear Lisa. Thank you so much for giving Alessia the opportunity to compete yesterday.  It was a good experience for her and even though she didn’t place we thought she tried her best.  Thank you for your endless time, effort and continuous encouragement in the girls development in their dancing.  I know Alessia has really enjoyed it and has been challenged.  But the most important thing about this experience is to see the passion of a teacher and the love you show for your students.  Alessia’s comment was “Miss Lisa is such a nice teacher”  as a teacher myself we don’t get many of these comments.  A very big THANK YOU XXX"

Adriana and Alessia

"Thanks for all your hard work you are a great teacher and Felice loves you to bits."
Katy Panos

"Thank you for the time and patience spend with Charlotte she loves you and dance soooo much.  You absolutely nailed the choroeography and costume choices... well done to Rachel’s mum for such beautiful costumes, but most importantly thank you for making dance a joyous experience for our girls, they are all great friends and the Innis dance mums rock!!! Lol Miss Lisa is a star"

Nikki Lewis


"Well done Lisa on yet another fantastic concert.  Brilliant, brilliant!! You are amazing, your ideas, your choreography and coordination of the whole event is truly of a professional standard.  Well done!! Have a rest now.  Xxx Love from Alessia and Adriana"

Alessia and Adriana



Candance for a Cure Feedback


"Another great show Lisa! We had that same 'buzz' around us in the audience... Overheard lots of great comments!"

Deb Hutchinson Mitchell


"It was a great show, thanks for all your hard work Lisa, and special thanks to our group mum Tania, one of the "behind the scenes" hard workers. And I think the stage hands and managers were correct! Once again, well done Lisa, and all the performers!"

Julianne Caust


"Thank you Lisa for all your hard work! All the girls are just gorgeous!!
A huge thank you to our under 10a group mum Nichola!"

Assunta Marshall

"Lisa - you are a legend. The girls were brilliant and yes, it was the stand out performance. Way to go!"

Sandy Barker


"Well done Lisa, you did a fantastic job!"

Amanda Noack

"Well done Lisa, you deserve the accolades and it is a great privledge to be a part of your dance school. I hope you are sitting back and enjoying a nice glass of wine and feeling proud of an outstanding performance."

Tracey Hunt









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